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Mika Mononen, Managing Director

Mika’s Story

My educational background is in computational mathematics and physics with software engineering and algorithm design. I started my career working for Numcore where I worked to develop software for sensor hardware, deploying measurement tools to a customer and developing customer business with new measurement data. I have widened my experience and know-how in different R&D and customer projects in the fields of paper, mining and oil and gas industries. I have had roles in project management, product management and subcontractor coordinator. My career years in the field of advanced measurement systems have given me solid understanding of the design and development processes of software, electronics, mechanics and AI algorithms. The different roles and experience in tech startups puts me in a unique position to help out new businesses and startups in the field of tech development and business consultation.

A Platform For All

Solutionery aims to be a platform for all. Investors and Entrepreneurs alike can find what they need. Our expertise in multiple domains provides us with the opportunity to offer a plethora of services. We offer several different services entailing several different specialties. From Prototype, Development services, project management services, In-Depth research analysis, marketing efforts to, subcontractors, investment solutions. Our expertise in cutting-edge technology sets apart from the rest of the market. We are proud of our ability to provide technology solutions to startups. We offer them IoT(Internet of Things) services, AI(Artificial Intelligence) Services, and Big Data Analysis Services.

Our Services
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