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So you are a white label social media services provider or a startup looking to manage your social channel better. Well, for that, you need social media management tools. Solutionery works as a startup development solution provider, and we have worked with businesses and provided social media services. 

To ensure efficiency from our side and ease management’s burden for the startup team, we took up many different social media management tools. With our vast experience in working and developing social channels, we have tested many tools to find the best recipe for success, and we have jotted down the best ones for you. Let’s talk about the three best options for managing and providing social media services.

  1. HootSuite
  2. Sprout Social
  3. Hubspot

Now that you know the three choices, let’s discuss them in detail about what they can do for you. So let’s begin the social media management tool review: 


Hootsuite is one of the most well-known social media management tools out there, with many companies provide social media services using it. HootSuite allows you to manage all the social channels, including popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, and many others! 

The multi-columned interface for the social media service management tools allows for greater control and more accessible account management from one single screen. Each of the social channels has its dedicated tab, and within each tab, you can set up separate customized streams that can be used to monitor social media segments. 

The stream feature becomes a big plus for social media management, especially when you integrate your Twitter account. You can monitor everything from Twitter mentions, private messages to retweets, and the home feed, all side by side on one screen. 

The level of control you get from HootSuite is such that you can have chosen keywords or phrases to monitor your feed. Collaboration is another significant part upside of HootSuite. With the free plan, you can use three social profiles, thirty Scheduled Messages, and have one user account. However, with the cheapest plan, you are afforded much more freedom and have room for collaboration. 

The professional plan from HootSuite costs 19 dollars a month, and it has ten social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and one user. If you have a team and need to have better control over the social media services, you should upgrade to the Team plan that offers twenty social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and three users but the cost for this plan is 99 dollars. 

Now there is a 599 dollar plan for companies that need five or more user accounts, plus you can contact HootSuite to get custom social media management solutions. Now, there are a few drawbacks to using HootSuite as you can only get fully perfect analytical reporting with additional money, which is usually expensive. 

Plus, HootSuite doesn’t offer any content grabbing extension, and the link shortener on offer doesn’t function outside of HootSuite. Other than that, HootSuite is a good option for startups and white label social media service providers.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social acts as an all in one social media service management tool. It goes a long way to help you manage all your social channels and ensures you get the most out of your social media growth strategy. 

The Sprout Social home comes with a dashboard that offers a simple snapshot of all your social channels, allowing you to see your social accounts’ activity. There are different tabs on there and showcases different metrics enabling you to monitor, publish, schedule, and report your social media campaigns. 

Sprout Social has plenty of different features like the messages tab showing user engagement with your content and the Feeds tab to easily access your social media feed. The publishing tab allows you to post and schedule all your content quickly, and you can even edit content from Sprout Queue. Oh yeah! Unlike HootSuite, Sprout Social comes with a browser extension called Sprout Queue that allows you to grab and store unique content that you may come across. 

You can use the contents later on as a social share. Sprout Social also has a ViralPost feature that shows you the level of user engagement patterns and other factors. What this does is that it can show you the best type of content and the posting time that brings in the most engagement. 

There is a feature called the Discovery Tab that allows its users to find new audiences and reviewers who are primed for engaging with your social channels. You can also use this feature to find out all the spammy or inactive accounts from your list and remove it all. 

The level of control for social media services that Sprout Social offers is off the charts. There is a Smart Search function that allows you to make keyword or user search across Facebook and Twitter with a targeted location search option. 

The reports from Social Sprout are straightforward to read with segmented reports from Facebook, Twitter, Team Progress, and Twitter Comparison reports. What makes Sprout Social one of the best social media service management tool is its Sprout’s Social CRM Tools. 

With this tool, you can do some handy contact book customization. The feature allows you to add custom notes and view past interactions with specific users. The standard plan from Social Sprout offers good value for individuals at 99 dollars a month, with most of its features available.

 However, if you are a startup that is developing its social media profile or a social media service provider, we suggest you look at the Professional plan. It offers incredible integrations and versatility, and with this plan, your social media marketing efforts will become a lot easier. 

The Professional plan costs 149 dollars, and there is an advanced option for enterprises that costs 249 dollars per month now; if you are not sure about whether or not its for you, you can try Sprout Social for free with a 30-day trial.


HubSpot is a complete marketing automation solution and is one of the world’s best social media management tools. You will be able to find the Hubspot Social Media Software under the Marketing Hub. 

With HubSpot’s social media service management suite, you can save time by prioritizing social connections across social channels that matter. You will prioritize high-value social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Now, you are not limited only to these social media platforms. You can add other channels to maximize your reach. 

HubSpot has a host of different features that makes monitoring and controlling your social media marketing campaigns. From publishing and sharing content, monitoring mentions, and reporting, you will be able to do it all from one dashboard. Find out the levels of engagement get insights into translate into actual business metrics. 

What makes HubSpot a fantastic social media marketing tool is the option to use it in tandem with the HubSpot marketing suite, meaning you can work with a range of other focused marketing tools. 

All of this means that you are not only monitoring and measuring the camp[aigns but also have information on how the campaigns are impacting your business in real-time. There are three main plans that HubSpot offers, with the standard plan being only 40 dollars. 

However, if you are a startup looking for maximum impact or a white label digital marketing service provider, then the professional plan offers the best value for money. 

The professional plan costs 800 dollars a month and might seem a bit expensive, but it offers the best bang for the buck. Along with all the tools, your team will have complete access to HubSpot Academy to take your team’s skill and knowledge to the next level ensuring sustainable growth. Here are the features you can have with the professional plan.

Starter PlanAutomate  & PersonalizeGet Found OnlineOptimized ConversionCustom Reports
All FeaturesMarketing automationBlogABM toolsWebsite traffic analytics
Multi-language contentSEO recommendations & optimizationsA/B testingSalesforce integration
Smart content & reportingSocial mediaAds optimization eventsCalculated properties
Contact and company scoringVideo hosting & managementCampaign reporting
Custom reporting

Now, suppose you are an enterprise and are looking for a complete marketing solution that will increase efficiency and create further growth opportunities. In that case, you can check out the Enterprise plan.

Finding The Right Social Media Solution - Solutionery

Finding The Right Social Media Solution

So these are our choices for managing social media services. We have found fantastic success in working with these tools due to our work line, where we serve to develop and build startups. However, you might have different needs, so make sure you do your research. 

Find out which social media management tool suits your needs the best. If you find one that we should be checking out, let us know in the comments below. 
If you are a startup and have trouble understanding which social media services to focus on, please feel free to get in touch with our experts. We will be more than happy to show you the perfect social media growth strategy. That’s it for today; we will soon come back with something different. Until then, see ya!

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