Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Startup

Within the last 2-3 decades, the digital space has gone from a novelty to a necessity. All of the businesses in the world have a piece of digital real estate to ensure they are always in people’s minds. So with almost everyone on the internet, there is a whole different infrastructure and marketing your business in this digital era.

Long gone are the days of billboards and TV ads and spending huge amounts of money for a business. The traditional marketing days are over and digital marketing has become the way startups make their way into the hearts of people. Now, every startup, whether it’s an e-commerce startup, restaurant or a tech startup needs a digital marketing strategy to ensure exposure and sales.

So how do you create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your startup? Well, you follow certain aspects and that’s what we will discuss today. Here in the following passages, you will see steps on creating the perfect digital marketing strategy. So let’s begin.

Make Sure You Know What You Need & Want

So the first step to creating the perfect digital marketing strategy is to know what you want out of it. What do you want to achieve from your digital marketing campaign? Do you want to build your brand recognition? Generate leads? Generate more sales? Or increase your list of email subscribers? Each needs different approaches and strategies to achieve.

Now you can’t go in blindly and achieve what you need. So how do you do it? You can do some basic data analysis to understand what you can use and what you need to do to achieve the goal you have in mind.

Figuring Out The Digital Sales Funnel

So before you figure out what you need for your digital marketing strategy you need to understand what the digital sales funnel is. So what is it? Well, it’s the stages a visitor goes through to becoming a customer and then a long term customer.

Now different people name it differently but the stages are usually all the same. So what are the stages? Well, it starts with “discovery”. This is where people first hear about your company and remember first impressions matter. The next step for the visitor will be research and consideration. So when they hear about your brand they are going to do some research to see if you are the right decision for them.

In this stage, they will be looking into what your products and services and may also check up on your competitors. After the research is done the next stage is the purchasing stage. Here the customer decides to buy your service or product. The last stage in the digital sales funnel is loyalty. This is when people come back to your website for purchase. What this means is that they trust you and eventually they will become your brand advocates.

You have to understand that people will respond differently at different stages. Someone who is at the discovery stage will respond differently to your ads and posts than someone who is in the loyalty stage.

Buyer Personas

So this is the stage where you find out who your audience is and how you can strategize around it. So when you are looking to create a digital marketing strategy you need to look for your audience and find out who they are, what they like and what motivates them. Now, for the most part, this will depend on which platform you find them on and how they are interacting with it and what they are looking from you.

When building a buyer persona you need to be specific. You can’t just state a blanket term like “mom” to be your buyer persona. Find out the type of person you want to target. Say if it’s a mom then you need to define the age, what she does and some of her other defining traits.

The more specific you are the better the buyer persona you can create. Being specific allows you to create a strategy around people you want to be your customers. When you do this you will be able to focus more on how to get people to convert into customers more. You can use free tools like Google Analytics and Facebook’s Audience Insights to create the perfect buyer persona for your business.

Knowing Where To Find Users In All Funnel Stages

Now that you know who your audience is you need to know where in the sales funnel you can find them. Now if you look into your analytics tools and cross-reference the data with your buyer personas to find where in the sales funnel your customers are. When you look through your data you will see customers who need premium expensive services and products.

Knowing Where To Find Users In All Funnel Stages - solutionery

You will find out who needs emergency service from you or someone who needs a simple product and things like that. Now there will be some who are all okay with what they have until they see your company.

So there are potential customers littered throughout the sales funnel so make sure you cross-reference your analytics data with your buyer personas to discover sales potential. You should consider all the paid and organic marketing channels and integrate potential customers into your digital marketing strategy.

Goal Reaching Guidelines

So now that you know where your audience is and who your customers are you have the perfect marketing mix in your hand. Now all you need to do is to set targets you wanna achieve and work towards them with specific guidelines. There can be a wide variety of things you can do to ensure you reach your goals.

One of the most important things to have in your digital marketing strategy is to include lead generation widgets or lead magnet on the side of your blog post. Along with that, you must ensure to include “call to actions” or CTA to ensure that customers have a way to get in touch with you when they are done engaging with the content. Now, there are other things you can do to ensure you reach your goals.

So one of the easiest ways to have people interact with your business is for you to share influencer’s content. When you include content from influencers you are getting reaching out to more people and engaging with your community. This will help you with brand recognition and increased visibility ensures an uptake in traffic.

Another guideline to ensure when setting up goals is to encourage customers to give testimonials and reviews. You can encourage people to do this with email plugins on your site. You can also ask them to put in reviews on Google business as that also helps with SEO.

Remember your guidelines and digital marketing strategy for leads are not limited to creating engaging blog posts. These guidelines here are very important for you and its more than just blogs and articles.

Incorporate, Automate, Personalize

So this is retargeting and automating the marketing process. Now you can do it while personalizing the remarketing goal. What you can do is you can easily show customers products they have viewed.

You can also start the remarketing right after they buy with options like “You may also like” or “People who bought this also bought” and things like that. You can also show your customers products they have looked at as well. triggered email autoresponders are another way to automate the process.

Remember these should always be personalized for maximum effect. Make sure you use audience segmentation, personalization, and automation wherever possible. Check through your buyer personas and utilize specifically targetted marketing copies directed at a specific group.

The Recipe For The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy

So there you go, these are the steps you should always follow when creating a killer digital marketing strategy. Make sure when you are following all these steps to ensure a perfect strategy.

With so much work to do on a startup digital marketing can often be overlooked. So companies like Solutionery can help you with providing you IT consultation and advice on your digital marketing strategy.

If you are overwhelmed then you can get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to provide you with any advice you need. And that concludes our discussion today. Until next time, see ya!

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