How To Determine The Best Startup Consulting Firm For Your Business

Starting a business has become easy with the advent of the internet. However, with most businesses failing when starting means that they mostly don’t have the right information to run the business. In a smallbiz article, the statistics for startups show that 80% of the companies that are established fail within the second year.

Most startups don’t ask for help some don’t even know that they need help. Now being a new business there’s a lack of knowledge on running it properly. So how do you ensure that your startup is running smoothly and not into the ground? Well, many new businesses get help from startup consulting firms.

They help with providing business solutions and advice on how to keep the business running. Now like startups there are plenty of consulting firms. So how do you know that the consulting firm is right for your business? Well, there are certain things you can check and make sure that will tell you if the consulting firm is right for you or not. Here in the following passages that is what we will talk about. So let’s get started.

Their Character

So whenever you are choosing a consultancy firm for your startup you should know that character and morality matter a lot. You should make sure that their professionalism exceeds expectations. When choosing a consulting firm make sure that they have enough morality in them to put the firm’s need first before theirs.

They should be able to tell things to clients things that they need to hear even though it’s not something they want to say. They have to be able to look out for the betterment of the firm regardless of the situation. Even if it means that the consultancy firm loses business they have to be able to make tough decisions for their client.


Experience matters a lot in the world. Especially if you are a startup. This is why many startups hire consultancy firms to have an advisory committee that will provide a steady helping hand guiding the company towards a rock-solid business. So when you are choosing a consulting firm for your startup you should make sure that they have ample experience in your field.

See if they have worked with companies that are similar to yours. You should also make sure the firm has experts in your field making up the team. This way they will be able to help with the challenges or opportunities you and your company are facing.

Now, even if the consulting firm has very little know-how of your specific service it doesn’t matter. You already know about it what they are offering is experience and how to run the ship without going under. They will help you face the obstacles that a startup faces in the first few years. 

Out Of The Box Solutions

Problem-solving is a big part of a startup. There will be plenty of common problems that your company will face and a lot of unique obstacles as well. So, for this reason, you need to partner up with consulting firms that are out of the box thinkers and provide you with innovative solutions.

Out Of The Box Solutions

Remember when you are hiring a consulting firm you are doing so because you need the solutions to problems you have a hard time dealing with. Consulting firms are designed to help startups grow from a fledgling pup into a global beast. Now how do you find the best one? Well, you look for a few characteristics.

The mental capacity of the firm should always be assessed. See if the consulting team from the firm has analytical skills and the ability to synthesize their thoughts readily and reach a proper conclusion.

You should check the firm’s previous clients and see if they have been providing imaginative and creative solutions to their problems as well. You have to make sure that when you choose your consulting firm you choose a firm that is known for being superior problem solvers and creative workers.

Superior Communicators

So a consultancy firm needs to have strong communicators. Why? Well, because communication is key to solving a problem and running a successful business. When you are choosing a company make sure you choose one that is articulated in its communication.

Your consultant should be able to speak and write fluidly and be able to write in a way that everyone can understand. Always remember that communication is a two-way street. As much as writing and speaking are important, listening is even more so and is often an understated skill. See if they are actually listening to your concerns and addressing them properly.

If your firm isn’t listening to your concerns then they won’t be able to understand the problems you are facing and how to solve what you are going through. So whenever you are choosing a consultancy firm for your startup make sure that you check their communication skill.

You can even ask the firm’s other clients and see what they say. Ask them about their level of communication and if you hear good things about it then you know they are good enough for your company. 

Interpersonal Skills

Now when you are running a business you need to be able to trust your team and your constancy firm is part of your team as well. NDA’s don’t matter if you can’t trust the person you are talking to. This is why having a consultancy firm that has a team with great interpersonal skills.

Developing a trustworthy business relationship has to be like a relationship between your doctor and you. You should be able to divulge the most intimate business details without feeling uncomfortable.

This is where the consultancy team’s interpersonal skills come in. If they can make you comfortable around them then you will be able to work closely and find the right solutions. So make sure you choose the right consultancy firm that you can communicate with and trust. 

Consulting A Firm That Solves Problems

So there you go, these are the things that you need to look for when choosing a consulting firm for your startup. Whenever you are looking for a company if you check for those traits and if you can verify them correctly then you will know that they are the best consulting firm for your startup.

Now here at Solutionery, we specialize in working with startups. We have a team that consists of industry veterans that have helped out several different tech companies get the right start. Solutionery has been providing companies with data solutions, deep learning solutions, machine learning and AI solutions for companies who need it.

Along with that, we have provided web development solutions for e-commerce, restaurants, small businesses and many other types of companies. So if you are tensed about which firm you should choose then you can get in touch with us and we can advise on how you can proceed from there on out. Until then, see ya!

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