Leading African Startups that will lead in 2020

Africa is strengthening its foothold in the venture capital, tech ecosystem, and fintech company. Slowly but steadily some of the leading tech startups have made their way to silicon valley. These will be the African startups to watch in 2020.

African companies like Trella, Eksab, Exuus, and FLexClub were on the watch in 2019 for their rapid growth. These startups followed some innovative business models to ace in their fields. Nevertheless, they will be on the radar to continue another year with success.

Trella is an Egyptian marketplace for trucking. This B2B platform directly connects carriers with shippers. Only one year after its introduction, the company shows steady but impressive growth in its early stages. It raised $600’000 as pre-seed funding in 2019.

Kaoun is one of the leading fintech startups based in Tunisia. The mobile app of this company Flouci helped its users to open a bank account remotely. This innovative approach eased the process of the KYC system. 

Rwanda makes a strong impact on the African tech startup industry with Exuus. It makes the low-income population of African countries more resilient financially. It stood among the top 10 in the annual Africa Startup Summit.

South Africa is one of the tech hubs of the continent. No wonder one of the leading startups will be from one of the South African countries. FlexClub is a vehicle financial services company that offers vehicle purchase and rent it to Uber drivers at a monthly rental.

Pineapple is another startup to keep on your radar for 2020. This company offers affordable insurance plans with just a snapshot of the product. Because of the innovative tech platform, multiple renowned accelerators are helping the company to grow. It secured around the US $ 1.5 million in the year 2019. 

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