Solutionery participated in startup hackathon in Kuopio, Finland

Leading Startup consultancy service Solutionery presented a mockup development in Havuja Hack 2020 that can predict Osteoarthritis years beforehand. The mockup was developed for Algoa Progress, who has been developing a new method for predicting the progress of Osteoarthritis.

Solutionery is the place where the startup starts. The company provides consultancy on ideas and prototype development. With this vision in mind, Solutionery representative Mika Mononen took part in Havuja Hack early in this year. The event was organized for local startups who had needs related to their concept, prototype or mockup development.

In Havuja Hack, the Finnish startup event, Solutionery developed a mockup for a university-based project Algoa Progress. Algoa Progress is developing an algorithm which can predict the progression of osteoarthritis from e.g. MRI images. The method is based on comprehensive research conducted in the University of Eastern Finland. The project is currently seeking ways of commercialization and needed an impressive mockup to demonstrate the functionality of their method and how image data is treated in their technology.

Solutionery developed the mockup using C# Windows Forms in Visual Studio. The mockup contains a user interface for inputting user data like age and weight. The mockup contained an user interface which demonstrated how MRI images are handled and how personal data like age and weight are given. The mockup shows how the probability of osteoarthritis can be predicted up to 10 years ahead and how weight loss can decrease the risk of osteoarthritis.

The mockup deliverable including the source codes were handled to Algoa Progress’ representative Joona Kemppainen. With the aid of mockup, Algoa Project is able to demonstrate the possibilities of the osteoarthritis  prediction. The mockup provides clear example for most probable end users like orthopedists about the properties of the technology. This project was a demonstration of how Solutionery looks for partnerships from the early startups and can act as reliable business and technology partner from the early stages of startups.

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