Can Tesla’s Cyberquad ATV bring competition in the industry?

Is the Cyberquad the future of ATV? Well, it still remains a mystery. This all-electric, two-people bike will be sold with another signature Tesla product Cybertruck. The plastic body may look like a primitive 8-bit design, however, the power may outrun the other counterparts.

Tesla and its owner Elon Musk are known for innovative inventions. From outer space to rugged terrain the company left its footprint. In 2019, Tesla introduced Cybertruck and Cyberquad ATV as a pair for adventurous people. 

The Cyberquad is the new kids on the ATV block. The $7.6 billion ATV market is seeing a quiet but stubborn shift towards electrification. Cyberquad is leading the shift towards electric ATV. Tesla’s electric car may still be searching for a firm ground but the ATVs’ are quickly catching up.

All-Terrain Vehicles’ are considered a niche product than conventional vehicles. They have an off-road look for both recreational and professional uses. Covering a small distance of rugged terrain may feel smooth with one of them, however, it is definitely not suitable for a shopping spree.

 ATV’s big brother UTV (utility terrain vehicle) is much bigger in capacity and power. World-leading UTV manufacturers like Polaris concentrate more on power and long-range. In contrast, the two-sitter Cyberquad is more onto the short-range transportation and small scale farming.

All these specifications of Cyberquad are based on a few pre-launch publications. The actual details and specifications are still under the veil and creating a mystery in the market. Nevertheless, market rivals are eagerly waiting for the challenges and echoed the confidence in their products.

DDR, one of the market leaders of ATV in the US, and UK giant EcoCharger claims their 2X2 and 4X4 varieties have more utilities than Tesla’s last-minute addition Cyberquad.

Now only time will tell Tesla’s intention with its ATV. Whether it wants to get a hold in the market or just want to have fun!

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