Top predicted trends in the startup for 2020

Last year was highly productive for startups. However, predicted trending is showing more expansion and diversification for startups in 2020. Introduction of the more human side, back-office culture, development of fintech and IoT in investment and security sectors will be the game-changers.

Every year new trends set the development course for the startup industry. Like next year, 2020 will be the pioneer year for startups in many aspects. 

Startups are known for their fast-paced long hours, pressure, and aggressive approaches. However, this hustle culture is found to be mostly counterproductive. Thus, in 2020, startups will see a more humanized and open-minded work culture and patterns. 

Direct communications between office and clients are convenient; however, it comes with some cons. The newest trend of startups will be the re-introduction of B2B back office culture. This trend will open up opportunities for new jobs and diverse communications.

Global financial instabilities are encouraging people to lean towards fintech. This shift will enlarge the fintech industry and squeeze the influence of conventional banking. Fintech CEOs’ are seeing new hope of investment in 2020. 

Thousands of devices are being connected with the internet. In 2020, around 20.4 billion devices will follow this connection trend. No wonder, manufacturing, and maintenance of these devices will be a big industry. Additionally, more focus will be on health care and logistics devices.  Thus, startups will be more specialized. 

The industry will see a significant shift from mostly online to partly offline brand building. Constant competition and tighter regulations are making things difficult in online branding. Moreover, legal and privacy issues are also significant hurdles. 

This year, do not get surprised if you see the number of live business events, meetups, and conferences are increasing in your office.  This will be the latest trend.

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