Startup Project Management Services & Tools You Should Be Using

For any startup aspiring to become the next big thing on the market, project management is a big part. It will help you streamline your business process for more efficiency and improve overall business output. 

We here at Solutionery we have used quite a few project management tools for streamlining our business. Now, of all the project management tools we’ve used, there are only a few that were good enough to handle all our project management service needs. 

Startups and other businesses like ours need tools like this, so we thought we would create a list of tools that can offer full-service project management for small and large businesses alike. 

You may be wondering what constitutes a useful project management tool right about now. Well, you should be able to do the following on a useful project management tool:

  • Managing tasks
  • Planning
  • Keeping files and documents
  • Managing inventory
  • Resource scheduling
  • File-sharing
  • Bug reports
  • Budgeting and invoicing

So now that you know what makes a project management tool good let’s get into our list of the best ones out there.


ProofHub has become one of the best project management tools in the market in recent years. It offers full-service project management for startups and small businesses alike. 

The project management tool is simple to use with an intuitive interface and features that allow for easy collaboration and ensures deadlines are met. 

You can integrate all your drives and apps you need like Google Drive and Dropbox. Along with that, you can also use the ProofHub Gantt charts software for free. 

It will help you keep track of your progress in real-time and help you keep track of individual accountable hours for each project. With features like to-do’s, Gantt chart application, file sharing, project templates, timesheets, recurring tasks, proofing, reporting automatic notifications, and document management this tool is one of the best around for project management. 

You can check out the free version for it along with a fully-featured paid version. As for language support, you can the project management tool lists English, namely French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Russian, and German, along with many others. 

So be sure to check them out if you are looking to get a handle on your full load of project management services.


If you are looking for a smart tool to help you with IT project management services amongst others, then nTask can help you out. It has a host of intuitive features like support collaboration, tracking, monitoring, time tracking, Gantt charts, task comments, scheduling meetings, project risk management that ensures effortless management. 

You can integrate Google Calendar and Outlook and other app integrations as well. nTask is a tool that ensures accessibility, and that’s why they also offer nTask on mobile with apps available on both IOS and Android. So check it out if you are on the market for project management tools. 


Droptask is one of the oldest names in the project management sectors. If you have ever looked up a project management tool, then odds are you have heard of Droptask. Droptask has been renamed to Ayoa

This project management tool is well known amongst the project management service providers because of the unique visual interface the tool has. The unique interface isn’t the only thing it offers. 

You can get all the real-time collaboration functionality you need from Ayoa. You can attach an unlimited number of files, set reminders, add to-do notes, and do plenty of other things that allow for better project management. 

Famous names like Harvard University, Coca-Cola, and Disney have all used Ayoa(Droptask) as their project management tool. It allows you to plan, manage, and achieve anything quickly. 

There are affordable and flexible plans on offer as well for small businesses so you can check the tool out if you need a project management tool.


Hitask is a project management tool that has gained some popularity in recent times. It has a quick and easy project setup process, and you can use its centralized file library and calendar to synchronize everything across all devices and platforms. 

It has a host of different features that makes managing tasks hassle-free. Users can organize tasks by project, and you can easily collaborate with your team when using Hitask as your project management tool. 


As a professional project management service provider, we have used a lot of different tools to manage our projects. However, the best one we have come across is Basecamp. We like it so much that we use Basecamp as our project management tool. 

It comes with a host of different features that ensures clarity in communication. You are always in the loop with Basecamp as it will make sure you have all the progress report on every to-do in all the projects. 

All the communication and files are there for you to access anytime, meaning not only that real-time progress is possible, but you can easily catch up to the progress. If you are providing it project management services, then Basecamp is a fantastic choice. 

As a company that works with startups, we know how helpful Basecamp can be for project management. Project management for tech startups with Basecamp is much easier than other tools. 

Speaking from experience, we found that Basecamp is the best tool in the market. So check out the plans it offers if you are in the market for a project management tool. 

Using The Right Tool

Using the right tool for project management is a cornerstone of success. We have listed the best project management tools we’ve seen till now. 

All the tools listed above offer fantastic versatility, complete collaboration, and make sure your deadlines are met. Now, these aren’t the only tools out there; there are plenty of other useful tools that can help you with project management. 

Do your research and find the right tool that fits your need perfectly. If you find one that is amazing, then let us know about it in the comments below. That about does it for now. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

Simple Guide To Startup Project Management For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
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