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Commercialization is basically scaling your product and increase its value. If you have a product developed and ready to launch. Then you need commercialization. There are three ways you can approach commercialization. Each approach is unique and produces a different sort of outcome. The three ways to approach commercialization is Sell, Scale, and Sustain. Now, each technology and idea is different. You need a commercialization expert to develop and choose a strategy. That’s where Solutionery steps in. We provide the perfect platform for you to develop the commercialization process.

Our Approach


This approach is basically just selling a product or service right off the bat. This may sound simple but requires extensive research. This is a way to bring instant money into your company without any further investment. But first You need to make sure that your product type fits the approach. This is where Solutionery comes in. Our thorough market research will ensure that we make the product commercialization count.


This is basically you deciding to expand your business. This way you get to serve more clients with a diverse set of features or services for your business. Our market presence allows us to comment on whether your strategy should be aggressive or patient. Scaling up also means you need to manage your fund effectively. As you know expanding requires investment too. Solutionery can help you with all the scaling problems you may face.


This method is by far the most cost-effective. All you need to do is develop your product and play the long game. Being patient is key here. However, to stay afloat in the market you need to devise a strategy. This is where the Solutionery expertise comes in. We will help you out with planning and strategizing on how to have a long sustaining presence in the market. On top of that our technical due diligence and other investor-related services will help the investors understand your vision for the business.


Mika Mononen

Project Owner

Solutionery is your one stop shop for getting your ideas forward. Solutionery is dedicated for getting your products and services to the market.

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