Introducing The 7 Best Finnish Startup Of 2020

With significant leaps in technology and infrastructure, it has been effortless to establish startups. With a booming economy and a vibrant young population, the Finnish startup scene has become a hotspot for innovation.

Companies like Nokia, Supercell, Rovio, and Wolt being the latest companies that rose to worldwide fame for their innovative approach and technology

Nowadays, Finland has become a hotbed for aspiring innovators looking to make their mark on the world with fantastic startup ideas. 

So what are the top Finnish startups that are fast on their way to becoming the darling of the world? We are going to talk about them, but before that, let’s discuss a little bit about what startups are.

What Is A Startup?

A startup is a new company founded by one or a group of entrepreneurs developing a new product or service to bring to market. 

These fledgling companies are strung together with funds from the founders and their friends & family. The first step of startup idea development is to create a killer business plan and branding strategy. 

Once the business plan is finalized, the founders’ pitch for loans and funding is further developed. 

The best startups have a startup execution plan that consists of a thorough rundown of everything that will be needed. That covers the basics of what a startup is, so now let’s introduce you to the best Finnish startups of 2020.

Fiksu Ruoka

Fiksu Ruoka or Smart Foods Ltd has tackled one of the world’s most significant issues right now. The average grocery store creates an unsustainable amount of food waste, and Fiksu Ruoka addresses it by selling the surplus at a considerable discount online. 

Fiksu Ruoka - Solutionery

It was established in 2016 by CEO Juhani Järvensivu to reduce food waste throughout Finland. Most of the world’s food waste comes from mistakes in demand forecasting, changes in packages, or short best before dates. 

The company works on these problems and offer consumers items that could have up to 90% reduction from standard prices. 

With a team of 2 – 10 workers per unit, the company became the finalist in the Best FoodTech / Agritech startup in the Nordic Startup Awards 2018. The company is run by the winner of an honorary award in the Young leader 2018 competition, showing that it is in good hands.


The mission statement for ResQ is to “leave no meal behind.” Like Fiksu Ruoka, ResQ is another company that aims to lower the food waste of the world. 

However, it targets restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and hotels. They have saved more than two million portions by letting customers find new restaurants, sometimes offering a 50% discount at a time. 

Since launching in 2015, ResQ has become one of the top startups in Helsinki. Now ResQ has expanded to cities in Sweden, and recently Germany and is one of the fastest-growing companies within Finland. 

The company aims to create “zero food waste communities” led by its CEO Sauli Böhm. ResQ has been named in the top 10 hottest startups in Finland by the Finnish Financial journal, Talouselämä, because of their achievement.


The digital giants of the world are yet to capitalize on creating a circular economy. That’s precisely what Roju is offering. It is a company that works as a rental marketplace that works for everyone. 

The company was founded by Antti Korpelainen and Matias Merenmies in 2018, aiming to be the company that offers Helsinsky residents rent out and hire consumer items. 

Roju seeks to lower the greenhouse gas emissions caused by consumer products. Roju hopes to inspire communities to consume smarter and provides a platform that allows for this to happen. 

Even though Roju is a very young company, they are on the fast track to becoming one of the best in Finland, and they are already one of the best Finnish startups around.


Crowdfunding has become an unstoppable trend in the world, and Zadaa takes it one step further. With Zadaa, you can crowdsource your wardrobe. 

It lets you connect, exchange, sell, and share all the clothes you love. You can think of it like secondhand fashion in a different light. Zadaa mainly focuses on pairing users who share the same fit and preference, which makes for the perfect recipe for exchanging, selling, or sharing outfits. 

Zadaa operates not only in Finland but also in Germany and Denmark. With the app recording its 200000th user just a while ago. Zadaa has partnered with several major logistics companies that allow for delivery in record time. 

Founded by Forbes’ 30 under 30 alum Iiro Kormi the company has fast become one of the hotshots in the Finnish startup scene. In 2018 the company raised over 2.3 million Euros to expand to France and England, ensuring constant growth. The future for Zadaa looks bright.


The name Ioncell comes from the process the company uses to produce its renewable fibers. Founded in 2017, Ioncell provides textile fibers from textiles, pulp, and even old newspapers. 

ioncell - Solutionery

Everything is done without the use of harmful chemicals, and the process used is sustainable, meaning that the company could start a revolution within the textile industry. 

Many industry leaders have already said that the company could be the alternative to cotton or viscose as it is much more greener and is much easier to produce. The company gained widespread when the first lady of Finland Jenni Haukio wore an evening gown made from Ioncell fibers.

Infinited Fiber

While companies like Ioncell create new types of renewable fibers, Inifited Fiber does one better. It wants us to use the same fibers repeatedly to reduce the impact on the environment. 

The company has developed an innovative technology that allows them to extract cellulose from old fibers to create new ones repeatedly without damaging quality. 

Infinited Fiber was founded back in 2016. However, the origin was from a crazy idea by a research professor to turn newspapers or banana into new fibers. By the looks of it, it seems like soon the technology will kickstart a new textile revolution. 

It reached commercial viability back in 2018, and in 2019 Infinited Fiber raised around 3.7 million Euros in funding from investors like H&M, Fortum, and Virala. Petri Alava, the founder of the company, has the reigns to one of the best startups in Finland, and from the looks like it could very well be the next unicorn in the game. 


Do you know what’s better than plastic? Paptic. Do you know what’s better than paper? Paptic. That is why the founders named it a combination of both the words. 

Paptic aims to replace both in the world. It is flexible, robust, and easy to print on. Plus, it is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable. 

It has the best qualities of both paper and plastic without the drawbacks making it a potential game-changer. Ever since the company got established in 2015, Paptic has been the darling of innovation and renewable events. 

The company won several accolades till now with Bio-based Product of the Year 2017, ExpoLive Innovation Award Grant, and Finalist of LVHM Innovation Award being noteworthy. 

The company was fast in establishing itself as one of Finland’s best startups, if not the world. Paptic founder and CEO Tuomas Mustonen hopes that he can replace two quintessential needs of modern civilization, and it looks like he just might.

Finding The Right Partner For Startup Development

These are the best startups in Finland in 2020. There are plenty of other fantastic startups in cities like Helsinki and all over Finland. As you know, Finland has become a hotbed of amazing startup ideas and companies. 

Right Partner For Startup - Solutionery

However, not all make the grade. Often startups fail because the right kind of development plan wasn’t implemented in the early stages. That’s where Solutionery comes in. 

We specialize in providing tech and full digital services to startups to focus on developing the best product and service. Solutionery devises, creates, and implements developmental plans for startups that encourage maximum growth. 

So if you need more information on technological solutions for your startup or need digital services like digital marketing, then Solutionery experts can help you out. 

Get in touch with our experts for more information about what solutions we offer for startups. Until then, hyvästi!

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