Get More Out Of Your Restaurant During COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions With A Custom Mobile App!

"Stay at Home"

With Pandemic restrictions still in place all over the country, restaurants are suffering from limited seating capacity and low foot traffic. Now one of the best solutions right now for businesses is to have a custom mobile app that increases engagement and reach ensuring growth in revenue. With a custom mobile app, you can reduce the overall cost of operation while maximizing revenue ensuring an increase in ROI. Be ahead of the curve and make sure you stay ahead of the competition while they are restricted by the ongoing Pandemic!

21st Century Solution For Your Restaurant

Bring your restaurant into the 21st century with custom mobile apps that not only help you grow
but also allows you to reach new customers!

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

With very little foot traffic incoming in restaurants with the Pandemic raging mobile apps are allowing restaurants to keep a healthy level of sales incoming. With mobile apps, people can order food online and helps keep the business flowing.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Mobile apps allow for a personalized approach for each customer. Apps allow for more controlled customer service options! With a customizable approach to each customer, you can ensure that your customers can stay happy with your service.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Mobile apps allow for the overall reduction in the operational cost of your restaurant. From reducing the number of staff to streamlining the business process to reducing marketing costs mobile apps save money and increase ROI.

Innovative Restaurant App For Maximizing Growth

Not Even COVID-19 can stop your restaurant business to grow online. Here's
how a great food ordering app


Full-Scale Restaurant App

We offer fully customized mobile apps that allow you to reduce your overall operational cost. With an app, you can take your restaurant right to the homes of your customers!

With our mobile app solutions, you will be able to hire specialists that will increase productivity while trimming down on certain areas.

With a mobile app, your customers can order your food online without the hassle of you extending our hours of operation during the Pandemic.

With mobile apps, you can keep your payroll and utilities cost down because it allows for maximum optimization of your operation.


Bring Your Restaurant To The New Age

Mobile apps allow for system automation ensuring the utmost efficiency when running your restaurant. Making sure your business provides optimum out with minimal input.

With a mobile app, your restaurant’s process can easily be streamlined and you can track and manage your inventory from the app with ease.

A mobile app allows you to keep track of the orders for maximum efficiency by ensuring that you and your team are involved in every step of the way.

You can gather and track user data from your app to find which aspect of the business needs to be focused on more.


More Sales Even During The Pandemic

With mobile apps, you can easily keep a steady flow of business even. Even during the with the restrictions and social distancing protocols in full action growth comes easy.

Reach new customers with an app. With an app, people can easily download the app and reach out to your business.

Online menus allow for easy ordering and people can easily look up and find out what they want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and order from their couch.

With social distancing protocols in action, your customers can reserve the limited seats in your restaurants and they can also order take out.


Always Be There For Your Customers

Mobile apps allow you to be always there for your customer. Sending special invitations, and taking care of their personal needs.

Apps allow for customization that ensures you take care of each customer’s special needs and preferences.

With apps, you can ensure your restaurant always has a direct line of communication with your staff which allows for maximum satisfaction.

You can send out new updates to your customers to make them feel special so that they keep engaging with your business.


Rethink Marketing Strategies With Mobile Apps

Mobile apps provide you a direct line to customers and are a great tool to build a successful marketing strategy around.

With apps, you can send push notifications for customers ensuring that you save a lot on remarketing campaigns.

Apps are a great way to market your restaurant’s food and with a display menu, you will have a great marketing tool that entices customers to order.

Sending out special invitations, discounts, and wishes according to each customer is a great way to build loyalty and a mobile app is perfect for that.


Customer Satisfaction Redefined

Mobile apps are a great way to ensure every single one of your customers are happy with your food and services.

Find out what your customers like and don’t like by analyzing user data to customize your approach for the customer.

You can send in regular updates about your restaurant and menu through the app and you can spread knowledge through the blog section.

Apps are the direct line that your customers want from businesses. They will be able to send in their queries and worries so that you can answer and build a trusting relationship.


Full-Scale Integrated Mobile App Solutions

We work with businesses to provide them with full-scale mobile app solutions that integrate with your business
perfectly while increasing revenue and efficiency!

Why Choose Us?

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Customer Satisfaction
  1. We build premium-quality fully functional customized mobile apps that fit into your business perfectly.
  2. We utilize industry veterans and state of the art technology to create exquisite and beautiful apps that not only catch the eye but also invite interactions.

  3. Our cost-effective approach allows you to bring your restaurant into the 21st century without killing your budget and we have 24/7 customer support as well.

Comparing Prebuilt App Maker Vs Our Custom App

Here is what makes our app stand out and perform better than most apps on the market. Check out this
comparison between pre-built app makers vs our custom apps!

Prebuilt APP Maker
Custom App
App Distribution
App Downloads
SEO/ Marketing
App Optimisation
App Distribution
Full Control
No Full Control
Full Control
Technical Support
In Premium Features
24/7 Technical Support
Platforms Supported
Basic Android
Push Messaging
Payment Service
In Premium Features

How We Work

Our specialist team has perfected an innovative approach to PPC campaign management
that maximizes ROI for businesses!

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simple to get started

Let’s talk about building a smarter, faster, and better restaurant app for you!

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Seeing is believing. So check out some of the unique layouts of the restaurant apps we have built so far!

Multi-Platform Access

We create apps that work on all the major platforms like Android and IOS.


Check Out What Our Clients Say

We built a lot of unique apps for successful restaurants and here is what some of our clients
had to say about their experience working with us!

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Bo Priester

Excellent service and a very professional approach to our case. We highly appreciated the combination of Solutionery´s know-how in both software and business mindset.

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Joona K

The cooperation with Solutionery went really well. We worked mainly on our software. We also received very useful guidance on how to develop our business. I recommend Solutionery services to everyone!

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Michael Carroff

Solutionery helped us to design an app and working with them was a very positive experience. We would recommend Solutionery!

Building The Dream App

We are dedicated to building you a unique and beautiful mobile app that drives business.
So let’s talk about building the perfect dream app!

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