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The place where startups start. Solutionery is the leading tech-startup consultancy service in the market. We provide the most comprehensive consultancy as well as the technical resolution for tech startups. We consider ourselves as part of your team and we will work with passion and utmost diligence to fulfill your dreams. We pride ourselves in providing in-depth assistance for investors on tech startups. While we operate on multiple fronts our primary expertise is on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analysis. We will provide you with thoroughly researched concise consultancy and guidance on the commercialization of your idea. This will ensure your tech startup has a strong foundation going forward.

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Here is a list of the services we offer to make sure your dreams are realized. For more options check out our Services Page

Why Solutionery

Solutionery offers innovation at scale. Implementation of cutting edge technology with exuberant expertise we can offer you the guidance and management services you need for your startup to live up to its potential.

Quality Developers

We only work with the best. One of our core values is quality. We make sure that the developers we work with meet the highest industry standards.

Software Industry

We dwell in the software industry. This gives us a unique perspective on how to approach and develop software for tech startups.

We Build

Solutionery is part of your family. We build relationships that last throughout the startup lifetime and beyond.

Cost Efficient

We understand that cost is a big factor for startups. Solutionery offers innovation at scale with the bare minimum costs.


Latest News

Check out the latest news, trends, and blogs on the current state of the sector. Here you will find all the resources you need to understand, process, and learn about what you need to do for your startup

Finland Declares New Aid for Hard To Adjust Costs During COVID Crisis

July 22, 2020

On 26 June 2020, the Finnish parliament approved new general aid laws to help cover hard to adjust costs because of the Pandemic.  Because of the new laws that passed, companies will now get new industry-independent support.  The law has a qualification metric where it seeks companies that have experienced a turnover decrease of 30% […]

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Aalto University Launches New Program For South Korean Health Technology Startups

July 15, 2020

Aalto university has started a new program to help develop South Korean startups working on developing better health technology and focusing on well-being. It signifies the start of startup cooperation between the two countries. Aalto is in a unique situation and has capitalized on the opportunity to create a program that benefits new development in […]

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New Travel Agencies With Sustainable Travel Finland Label Announcement

July 8, 2020

Visit Finland, Finland’s national travel promotion organization has started issuing Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) labels to Finnish travel service provides. It comes after lifting the international travel restrictions. Visit Finland has accredited 30 or so travel agencies because they met the sustainable travel criteria. The new accreditation covers economic, ecological, social, and cultural sustainability standards […]

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Latest Blogs

Check out the latest news, trends, and blogs on the current state of the sector. Here you will find all the resources you need to understand, process, and learn about what you need to do for your startup

Why You Need To Work With A Technology Consulting Firm

October 8, 2020

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. We are right in the middle of a boom in technological advances, and that is speeding up our current era, the information era.  Now, what does all this mean? Well, what it means is that more and more businesses are popping up, and all of it is […]

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Startup Project Management Services & Tools You Should Be Using

September 24, 2020

For any startup aspiring to become the next big thing on the market, project management is a big part. It will help you streamline your business process for more efficiency and improve overall business output.  We here at Solutionery we have used quite a few project management tools for streamlining our business. Now, of all […]

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Simple Guide To Startup Project Management For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

September 14, 2020

A startup is the vision and passion of an entrepreneur. Your startup is the seed of your dream, and you need to nourish it with the right process and tools to bloom into what you envisioned. Often you will see entrepreneurs underestimate the need for project management. There are plenty of things that need to […]

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