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You turned your idea into a product. You got a project team and development team even the subcontractors are on board with you. You think your product is the best anyone can offer. Well, that may be the case but that does not ensure that your product will be a success. While developing a product makes you see how good it is the customers don’t know that. This is why a well thought out marketing strategy is vital for the growth of a startup. Lucky for your Marketing we here at Solutionery excel at marketing startups. With the aid of our market research data, we will ensure that your product gets the exposure it needs.

Our Approach

Keyword Analysis

The marketing landscape has changed along with the social demographics. Nowadays marketing is not limited to running campaign ads. People want engaging businesses. Social media presence has become vital for a company. The Solutionery marketing team is well versed in tech keyword research and can easily help you incorporate a keyword-based content strategy. This way your brand can be engaging and drive maximum traffic.


Each product/business is different. This means that each business has unique benchmarks. Your benchmark can be 50000 dollars revenue or 50000 engagements, this depends on the needs of the business and the state of the market and other factors. Solutionery can help you find the right strategy with the perfect benchmark to assess growth. We will do this by doing an in-depth analysis of the company and the current market state.

Setting Key Metrics

A major aspect of marketing efforts is to set key metrics of measurement for the achievements of your business. Setting these requires extensive knowledge of the market and its parameters. As the creator or founder of the business, it is quite easy to have biased metrics. However, this is not the way to go. Solutionery is a neutral marketing expert with the expertise to set a group of core metrics that will help you asses the growth accurately.

ROI Analysis

At the end of the day, a business is about making money. This is why it is a priority to find out how much return you are getting from your expenditure. According to market statistics, about 57% of startups do not set this as a priority. Your business should analyze ROI for marketing budgets. This way you can understand which investment in the marketing process is working the best. As market leaders, we can help you assess, analyze, and measure marketing parameters.


Mika Mononen

Project Owner

Digital marketing is crucial for any company nowadays. With the aid from Solutionery you can find the best way to promote your expertise digitally.

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