About Technology Due Diligence

When thinking about investing in a company one needs to think about everything. This requires extensive studies and research into the company. Investing hard-earned cash requires a thorough structured process. This process is called Technical Due Diligence. Completing a thorough evaluation and analysis of the processes in a startup organization and understanding the technology, the architecture, and the overall status of the product. Our presence in the tech world helps us do this with relative ease. Solutionery will be able to provide you with a detailed overview so that your decision remains full proof.

Our Approach

Personnel Analysis

Solutionery is a leading name in the project development and management field. With Solutionery’s marketing insights, we can provide you with a comprehensive outlay of any startup that you are looking at. Personnel is a key factor in finding out whether a company is going to be a success or if it is a disaster waiting to happen. As one of the leaders in project management, we know the dynamics and interpersonal traits that ensure company success.

Work & Communication Process Evaluation

Work process and communication workflow contribute to the success of a startup. Quality assurance, development, and securities affect business expansion as well as sustainability. Moreover, the testing processes of the products, result-documentation, operational activities play a vital role in any tech startup. Solutionery’s team of experts can help you with the analysis and provide you with a report on the startup. This way your decision will be that much easier to make.

Legal Compliance

Legal and ethical compliance is necessary for any viable business venture. The company of interest may have a great workflow, intricate communication, and dedicated people; however; if they do not follow legal compliances, the business will eventually be jeopardized. The Solutionery team will check the software licensing and intellectual property compliances to save your investment from any future legal difficulties.

Future Forecast

The tech world is ever-changing. However, an investor needs assurance over the security of the investment. A technology may look like a sure-fire investment now but in the long run, it may be a dud. A startup with a clear roadmap is the only horse to back. With our market analysis and company analysis, we can make sure you know whether to invest or not.


Mika Mononen

Project Owner

You can rely on Solutionery as a partner when you are executing due diligence. You will get realistic technological level of your target company

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