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When you have a project one of the key elements to success becomes how you manage it. Often times we have seen entrepreneurs underestimate the need for proper project management. Project management is even more crucial if you are running a startup. Solutionery offers a helping hand in project management. Along with you, we will devise a plan on how best to run and manage the project of your dreams.

Our Approach

Market Analysis

When working on a project you need to think about a lot of moving parts. Project management has several different parts to it and you need a solid strategy for it to work. We will first asses the structure, size, goals, complexity, clients, and final deliverables of the project. Once that is done we will analyze the data. Then our expert management team will cross-run your data with the current market analysis. This way we will be able to provide you with a tailor-made management plan perfect for running your startup.

Goal Set-Up Strategy

One of the key elements to running a successful startup is setting achievable goals. Solutionery will work with you to set small achievable goals over a period of time which will ease the pressure on your company. To do this we will analyze the requirements and the project then work with you on shorter time-frame goals. Solutionery experts will also provide you with the data to target clients. This way you can optimize the workload of your company.

Problem Solving

Every company faces setbacks. This is how the market works due to its everchanging nature. One of the key ways a company becomes stable is by how they overcome the setback. The problem may seem insurmountable when working alone. Solutionery will work with you to find, rectify the slip-ups. On top of that, we will work tirelessly to devise a strategy to best combat and prevent any further setbacks from happening.

Project Evaluation

It is hard to evaluate yourself. Often times one just gets stuck in a rut and cannot seem to find a way forward. Our team of experts evaluate the business traits and will help you find a plan of action. Along with you we will asses everything. From deliverables, risk factors, objectives, and stakeholder’s interest. Then create achievable milestones which accumulates to goals that are needed for growth.


All this will be pointless without the right information transfer. This means that communication is a big part of project management and development. Solutionery holds communication as one of our primary values. Often times a startup has a mixture of experts and freshers. This may cause a lack of coherent communication. We will eliminate that completely. Our team of experts will provide you with all the support you need when you need them.


Mika Mononen

Project Owner

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