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IoT has been around for a long time. However, it is only starting to break out of Silicon Valley. Nowadays people are looking for ways to implement IoT in their personal life and their businesses. It has taken the tech world by storm by being the old new kid on the block.

Our Approach

Incorporating IoT

The current version IoT is 4.0 and people have found that it is a wonderous technology which can be applied in every aspect of society. Entrepreneurs and investors are finding ways to incorporate the technology with their idea. Incorporating IoT will solve a lot of issues with any startup and find new solutions to unanswered questions. Solutionery is a market leader in developing IoT. Our expertise along with your passion we can create something amazing.


When building an IoT based prototype it is vital to have a proper strategy. Using vintage techniques one needs to prepare a meticulous design and then move on to the product development. Solutionery will help you form a strategy for designing the product and help you find the right formula.. We will help you in assessing product importance for the market. This way we can help achieve product sustainability. Because, when you know why your product is essential to the market it is easy to justify the development.


Scaling in IoT is a bit different than it is in other verticals. No two products are the same. While IoT has made significant advancement in the consumer market the product is yet to catch on for the whole world. On top of that, the product made for consumers will not be applicable to industries. Solutionery will help you find where and how to develop and market your IoT based product. Our position in the market allows us to see the deficiency within and we can help you utilize it.

Utilizing Experience

Scaling an IoT based product is often a daunting task. Because of its versatility, it can be implemented in any industry. Our expertise in both the technical aspects and non-technical aspect puts us in a unique position to handle any IoT based product. IoT’s nature of needing multiple devices security is a major concern. Protecting shared data is a major part of securing your consumer’s privacy. Our state of the art IoT security solution is one of the best out there for IoT.


Mika Mononen

Project Owner

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