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The tech world is ever-evolving. Technology is invented and innovated upon on a regular basis. The world is not satisfied with something, pushing the limits and exceeding them and then repeating the same process is the norm here. This means that if one can find the right tech and invest then they can hope to get a fine return. However, this means that investors would need to foresee the evolution of the tech. This is can be a tricky situation. But Solutionery is perfectly suited to provide consultation on technology. Because of our line of work we are pretty much in-tuned with the tech world. So whenever you need a technology review done, Solutionery will be there to lend you a helping hand.

Our Approach

In-Depth Knowledge

According to studies about 35% of startup, investors don’t have in-depth knowledge of the technology they are investing in. Our close proximity to the tech world gives us in-depth knowledge and an upper hand in judging the development and evolution of a startup. This way we can provide investors with the right guidance on investment.

Prototype Assessment

A big part of Technology Review is doing an in-depth assessment on prototype study, development workflow analysis, the architecture of the design, testing, and quality control. With Solutionery’s expertise, you can easily achieve your goal. We will appraise all the aspects of the technology. On top of that our team will provide you with a comprehensive presentation on the findings which will help you in making your final decision on the investment.

Product Testing

Solutionery offers the most comprehensive product testing on the market. This is an essential part when conducting a Technology Review. Prototype testing and 3-D modeling are two ways to determine the validity of investment.Prototypes let you judge and evaluate the technical aspect. And 3-D models are basically used to conduct a review on the full functionality as well as software compatibility of the prototype.

Financial Viability

You need to know the future aspect of the technology you are looking to invest in. The Solutionery team will review the technical side and the financial side for you. Then we will compile a review based on the requirements you have set. This way you and your business partners will be on the same page and understand all the separate aspects and what the investment entails.


Mika Mononen

Project Owner

Solutionery is your partner when you need to have a comprehensive technological review of a company.

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