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Tech & Business

Solutionery is the brainchild of a group of business and technology experts from Finland who have decades of experience in bringing innovative products to the market.

Full-Scale Digital Solutions

Solutionery has an in-house digital marketing team that provides an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy that ensures fast growth.

Boosting Your Ideas To The Next Level

Solutionery works on providing financial and tech support to any startup that needs help with meeting it’s business goals.

Solutionery Tech Solutions

  • Website Design, Development, and Management.
  • Prototype Development (software, electronics and mechanical engineering)
  • IoT Solutions.
  • Custom Software Solutions.

Solutionery Business Growth Solutions

  • Intense Data-Based Growth Strategy.
  • Business idea commercialization
  • Funding plans
  • In-Depth Market Study and Analysis
  • Aggressive SEO Optimization.
  • Quality Content Marketing Solutions.
  • Innovative SMM & SEM Solutions.
  • Holistic Branding Solutions.


Solutionery helps entrepreneurs find funding for their ideas to create great startups. Solutionery plans the funding path from the very beginning to the startup.

Design & Development

We design and develop the best solutions for your needed applications. The technology development is in our hearts and we want to give you the ultimate service in that field.

Technology Solutions

From IoT development to prototype creation to custom software development, Solutionery offers innovative tech solutions.

Growth Solutions

Solutionery has an in-house growth team that devises digital marketing strategies for startups that fast-track business growth and branding.

Unique Solutions For Innovative Startups

We here at Solutionery are dedicated to providing unique solutions for aspiring startups in Finland and other countries.

Solutionery has built up teams of industry leaders in tech, development, finance, and marketing to provide a one-stop-shop for sure-fire success for startups.

Boosting Startups Into The Stratosphere

Solutionery’s mission statement is to be the guardian angel and bring through innovative technology to the market. We do that by providing complete tailor-made solutions for aspiring startups.

Our finance team will work with you to find and fund your startup. We ensure that you never have to worry about financing when thinking about developing your business.

Often we find aspiring entrepreneurs having a hard time bringing their dream to life. Our business experts guide you in developing your concept and realize its full potential.

If you have limited resources and are having a tough time developing your prototype for the startup, then Solutionery is the right place for you. Our tech experts can create the perfect prototype for your idea that ensures the perfect demonstration for your partners and investors.

Startups and new businesses need growth, and integrating IoT solutions ensures that. Solutionery has a team of experts who have worked with companies and provided them with IoT solutions to make them an industry leader.

Our in-house software and web developers work hard to bring unique tailor-made solutions for new businesses that are hoping to make a mark on the industry. We tailor software solutions and develop websites that reflect the business’s identity.

We have researchers and marketers that work together to find out a killer digital marketing and branding strategy that guarantees maximum growth. Our in-house content creators work tirelessly to ensure a perfect branding solution that provides maximum exposure.

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